måndag 30 mars 2009


Need to study for my test on friday. But here's some dogpics from NYC last month. It was great ther, miss my best friend that lives there now. But she will be home a week in may =

onsdag 25 mars 2009

spotlight dog #2

These dogs dosent come in any order, Im just telling you my favorite labs (and please tell me if you dont want youre dog here).

Edda, Su(u)ch Winnie's Mary Go Round is the best looking girl ever. Yeah...better than Clovie (dont tell her that). In my eyes she is perfect. Has always been too, right from the start ;) cutest puppy ever.
And she knows she is beautiful!

I took all these pics of her, at Winnies kennel. Have I told you guys that I have a photo memory? I remember almost everything in pics. So this comes pretty handy with dogs, cos I have many files in my head with dogs I seen in my life. So I also remember when I took the pic.
For more info on Edda the beautiful one, go to my links and Winnies kennel, there you can se her offspring too!

tisdag 24 mars 2009

working 2 days

Been working in a real estate office, its soo much fun!!
But today we got 20cm more snow...we thought it was spring and BBQ two days ago. The swedish people want spring so bad right now, everybody just travels if they can.

söndag 22 mars 2009

first show, Högbo

Im sooo happy with Clovers day. She behaved great! Or the best, as she is ;)
Laying down relaxing right by the ring and when it was time she was a great shower.

But the judge gav her a 2:on prize. She thought she was to low in the front, her legs wasn't in balance with the ribcage.
I already know that I will breed her to someone with a little higher body/more leg so thats that.
Just that it was only Clover and one more in open to get at 2:ond, thats not that great. But we will get right back on it =)

Lots of people didnt really understand that 2:ond prize. So Im just happy everybody else seems to like her!
The judge thanked me for showing her, that very nice.

Kritiken vart:

Något lågställd men välkroppad tik. Bra ben o tassar. Mycket välskuret huvud. Norm. skulderläge. Bra päls o svans. Kunde ha något bättre balans mellan benlängd o bröstkorg. Rör sig bra fram och bak. Något kort baksteg.
Ing-Marie Hagelin

A bit low but nice body. Good bone and feet. Very nice head. Normal sholders. Good coat and tail. Should need better balance between leg lenght and ribcage. Moves well back and forth. Little bit short backstep.

Pic from Wallcroft Nancy ;)
I've always learned 50/50 between ribcage and legs.

At the end I showed Pias cutest little junior Winnie's Under Line " Fanny" in breeders grup. Shes a darling!!

lördag 21 mars 2009

spotlight dogs #1

I will try something new. And give u guys some dogs that I like. There are more and more people visiting here everyday, so I need to get you something to see. Not just Clover, even though she´s the best...

So I start out with Buster, that you saw me showing on a pic in the last post.
He is soon a champion in the US. Hes really good looking and has the sweetest temprament and is one of Pats yellow boys (always at least 2 around her ;) more about his half brother Cosmo another day.

Windrose Leagacy of Blockbuster "Buster" is a son of Casper (WR CH Winnie´s Block Buster MH WCX) and granson of Swedish CH Novacroft Mixedspice. And his mom (Windrose Edna Anne) is a granddother of sweet Olga (Winnie's Ball Room) how lived with me some years back. Anyway, I love to se how much these dogs behave or look like there pedegree dogs in the past. And I guess that what so intresting with dog breeding!

show tomorrow

Im a bit nervous, but hey! whats a compitition without that? If I didn't care, than I dont have anything to do there. Do I?
But now its Clover my heart. I do know I have the best dog anyway, and I know were gonna have fun tomorrow!

Wish us luck =)

Me showing Pats beautiful Windrose dogs in USA.


Pat and I with litter brothers.

torsdag 19 mars 2009

lab art

I only paint when Im in CA, dont know why. Maybe more time on my hands. The Windorse sign is on the kennel door.

And last, Felix painting to me. He knows how much me an his mom loves the dogs, and he loves to take walks with us, so offcourse the dogs are int the pic. Notice his moms skirt..witch is upside down..haha.cute.

we had spring weather for 3 days!

Has been sitting outside a few hours a day with my schoolbook and Clover, she loves it. Here with a chewing bone.

kitchen things

When Sara was here in Gävle a few weeks ago she gave me two more Clovie prined things. So nice, maybe too nice to use, but I will keep them forever.

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Felix turns 7, and Im not there.

Youre the best kid in the world, sorry Im at school in an other town. And sorry I will go to a dogshow on sunday instead of youre party. Im the worst aunt ever ;)

tisdag 17 mars 2009

more CA pics for you!

Here is some that I took this summer, Pat has the best camera. I will get one when I start working instead of studying...

I love photos, but I think you guys know that by now ;)

måndag 16 mars 2009

Look how cute!

People are so smart, look how cute these beds are. And you can make it yourself, I bet.
Find them her at Etsy.

This one you can probably make of that thing you sleep on when camping..maybe puppies would like it?

This one is from here.

Or theses fancy beds!

söndag 15 mars 2009

I miss CA, and my family there!

When time goes by, its harder and harder, even though I was there in november, it feels like ages ago. So Im looking trough pics from last summer. We had so much fun!

Windrose Leagacy of Blockbuster, Clover and me on a boat.

Pat, dogs and bumpers.

Leah with Winnies High Tea

fredag 13 mars 2009


Me and my sister is going to a class with the dogs in the middle of april. They are going to learn tracking. Most labs LOVE this! And hopefully we can end up with a championchip title on Clover and Smilla someday. That would be SVCH before the name.

Its just fun to do something with the dogs and my sister. When I had Lotta we went on a reteriveclass, it was fun.
Offcourse I have all the equipment in pink =) do you think the dearleg comes in pink too?
(And thank you again Pat!!)

As usual, lovely weather, but Smilla and Clover dosent mind...

torsdag 12 mars 2009

Felix is playing dog

torsdag 5 mars 2009

miss summer!

Tomorrow we are going to Stockholm to work. Or I will work and Clover will go to our summerhouse with my sister and Smilla, her lab. They will probably swim in the snowy water and play alot together.
I miss summer and he sun bad right now.
Here's som pic from last summer. Smilla on the deck, our camp in the sun. Wonder just how much fun Clover will have there...

I will also se Felix, he's almost 7 now. They grow so fast. He's the best, Smilla and Felix has so much fun!