tisdag 20 oktober 2009

2:ond time obedience!

It so much fun to take the class. At first (last time) I was a little bit worried the teather wouldnt understand Clover...as she is a piece of her own. Did I tell you I started working with her last summer in California, and the damn dog wouldent even sit. I tried EVERY way..So finally I just had to klick her everytime she sat down by herself. And it took awhile until she got it. But now she knows.
Anyway, If I tell her "braaa" she blows in the air! So I have to be pretty calm.
This time we tried them out with diffrent types of praise. Candy, hugs and kisses from owner, fetch a ball, or a glowe on a string and last tug-of-war. And she LOVED them all. My teacher just said, oh my, you can train her as high as you want in obediece. So that was fun, I just have to have the time.
So anyway Clover loves the class, and I love to see her happy!


tisdag 13 oktober 2009


Yesterday me an Clover started the obediece class at our lokal club at Ekerö. I was a lot of fun, though Clover explodes in the air everytime I tell her BRA! Haha. So we have to practice on her to be steady...till next time :)
It was COLD and we stayed out for 2 h. But Iguess it will be colder..as our class finish in 7 weeks!

Three days ago we laid a trackingtest, and she was supergood! And really on it, loved it. So moore of that later.

söndag 4 oktober 2009

Pat's new pup

(Winnies Outcast and Windrose Edna Anne) isnt she cute? Her name might be Phoebe and she is a greatgrandchild to Olga, and a grandchild to Lotta. Cant wait to see the dogs again, but I guess it might take awhile.

Smilla did it!

Tonight Smilla and Jessica took the first ability (anlagsprov i viltspår) test in tracking today!
So woohoo, way to go Smilla.