måndag 31 augusti 2009

my darling ones!

Me and sis took a walk with Clover last sunday. Oh I love these two sooo much!

No, my dog is not crazy..um..ok..just a little bit.

Forgot to tell you I did choose the last puppy as the most of u also did. Very cute, both of them! But the last one was a little bit better...

summer turns into fall

After the show we went to our summerhouse. The dogs played in the water! And it was super nice. Wish summer would stay forever.

lördag 29 augusti 2009

pics from after the show

Here is Clover and Smilla (2 last pics) a few days ago.
And yes, I did choose the last puppy to.

onsdag 26 augusti 2009

question for you all!

Got an email from Nancy today, with the question, witch one would you choose? So now Im asking all my readers the same? just click the box under here, Puppy 1 or Puppy 2?
And I tell u later witch one I picked (Im not getting one or anything, haha, just for fun)
Both are girls and HERE you can read more about them! And see Nancys beautiful pics!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

the show in pooring rain, last sat

Cecilia, me and my sis Jessica.

Glad we hade good raincoats on last saturday! It was crazy rain. But it kind of stop until open bitch.
I wasent able to show both Smilla and Clover (and Jessica my sister didnt want to) so Cecial helped me out, it turned out were good ;)

Haha, love this pic, seems like I do everything as my master Pia!! Didnt know I stand like her even! Here we are in openklass, me and Clover got 4th plac, Pia and her young sold dog Bella was 5th and Cecilia and Smilla second with a CK!

Smilla looked supergood today! And in best bitch she even competed against her mom from veteran, Smilla was 5th best btich at the show. jessica was really happy as she only wanted to show her one time as a grown up.

My Clover was limping a little bit, and I think she must have played to hard with haer dog friends. She is so ruff sometimes. To bad. She lookes great tooo.

tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Last saturday

me and Clover just layed under the threes and I was perfect temprature, and you could just dream away looking at the threes. C was busy looking at the fishermen..

torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Windrose Raspberry Beret "Rose"

Miss little Rose to, she didnt fit in my bag..but I happy Pat says she looks great! Cute little dog, that Rosie girl. Me and my sis took her to the beach, she loved the sand. She's a grandchild to Lotta and Winnies Frankfurter Team.

tisdag 4 augusti 2009

here comes the girls!

I didnt only take photos of the boys this weekend, here are some girls too:

Winnie's Under Line "Fanny" she has a CC already! Adorable.

And Winnie's Barbara "Lisa"

Both of them are grandchildren to Olga! Go to Winnies website for more info (my links).

måndag 3 augusti 2009

going on my morning run

Windrose Pajama Game "Jammie"

Miss my american runner! Im sure she misses me too. Jammie how are you?
Jammies mom got 5 (I think, I was a sleep when I got the call) pups yesterday, and everything went well Pat says. Im happy for you over there!
Jammie is a greatgrandchild to my Olga (link to the right ---> ) she is after Cosmo. She has so much energy, you cant even tell she's been running. You think she would get a little bit tired :) she is happy if she can follow my every step. And maybe fall asleep to animal planet.

More Winne's dogs (all males) New pics!

"Jens"Trendmakers Hang Around

Winnie' Raggae "Peppe" (2pics)

Winnie's Make my day "Sven"

Winnie´s Barhopper "Kurt"
Nice photos? I like them. I have sore muscles today after sitting down in the air för 300pics. But what wouldent you do, for the art of photografy?

söndag 2 augusti 2009

spotlight dog, Im in love again!

Click to se larger.

New pic, Winnie's Under Cover "Benny" stole my heart this weekend. And Clovers too.
I didnt get "my perfect picture", but you can se how he looks ;)
Benny is just over one year old.

Love the ped too, cos I've seen and almost known every single dog in it. Beautiful and super dogs!