måndag 29 juni 2009

3 of Pats champion boys

AmCh Windrose Cosmic Connection WC, Am Int Ch Hennings Mill Common Market och AmCH Windrose Leagacy of Block Buster togheter last week.

söndag 28 juni 2009

Cosmo and Buster, new pics.

I took some new pics of AMCH Windrose Cosmic Connection WC:

And his halfbrother AMCH Leagacy of Blockbuster, both after WR AMCH Winnie´s Block Buster CGC MH WCX, lovely boys and Pats darling princes.

lördag 20 juni 2009

Meet Rose!

Scarlet's sister Rose is my follower arounder, haha she walk with me around the house and watching movies and so on. She is adorable. She is after Winnies Out cast and Pippa (Winnies Frankfurtur Team x Sounders Bacall), a grand child to my Lotta (CH Winnies Out Look). But the funny thing is that sha reminds me more of my old Olga than Lotta. She is a real cute, and a good fetcher too. Darling Rose was swimming in Leahs pool with me the other day, going over to me for a rest, as I offcourse were The Island :)

söndag 14 juni 2009

WR AMCH Winnie´s Block Buster CGC,MH,WCX

Now its time for Buster and Cosmos father to have his own post! He was both a Champion and Master Hunter its not alot of labs in America to become that. He is the brother to Olga the first dog I had. So I love the temprament in these dogs! Casper was the clown of the house, alway making a joke or jumping around. Now Buster those the same thing, its lovely to se Caspers offsprings here at Windrose kennel. We miss Casper alot.

Casper at 8 years of age.


Buster is now an American Champion!!!! Congrats to Pat! What a feeling, she breed and showed him herself!

måndag 8 juni 2009


Meet Scarlet, she is Pat's new star, isn't she adorable? My old dog Lotta is the grandmother, and Gunnar (Winnies Out Cast) the father.

fredag 5 juni 2009

the us of a

im leaving tomorrow for america!! will be staing at windrose kennel with Pat and Ed. Som much fun I really miss them alot when Im home in sweden, glad I have the oppertunity to go there now again!

will upload pics of the dogs so you all can see (pats website dosen't get that much attention, haha).

have a great summer and hope there will be some summer left on 23 of july when I get back. Clover will be with Smilla and my family on Mörkö this summer, she will have a great time, they do have there own beach :)
I will miss her though!!!!