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About me:

With a mother who was super pedant (very clean house) and my growing dog intrest it was no hit. Every year since I was 10 years old I went to the Big Stockholm show at the fair and bought books and leashes for my non-existing dog.
By chance my sister came home with the brown gentleman "Prisse" Fågelängens Peter Pears. A labrador who did not get to live with their owners anymore. We had him the last three years of his life. I was in first grade and sat and jumped in the class room until I finally got to run home to them and go out with him. They said: "have a leash on him", but the first thing I did was to let him loose, and Prisse never left my side. There and then was my love born for the Labrador. He was after SUCH NUCH INTUCH Fågelängens Copper Carrot.

When he died, I was grief-stricken, but my sister bought a Bichon Frisé instead (!?).

Little Ludde may not be loosing any hair, but he was a pain in the... in any other way. I trained agility and was active as chairman of Vällingby hundungdom. Although Ludde did not do as I said, I learned much about dog training from just him.

1995 (I was 14), we would have to try a workplace out for 2 weeks, in school. I myself was 15years and sooo sure I would become a labrador breeder. So I called around and asked if I could work two weeks in different places with labs.
Pia Razera-Brulin on Winnie's kennel said "Sure come over, so we can see if we like each other." I was so nervous when I went to there. Took my finest suede jacket and went off to Vallentuna. Well, when I saw it, of course I had the wrong clothes going to be with 12 labs of various ages.

With CH Winnie Head Set as puppy outside of the kennel, then in Sollentuna.

Thats that and I went there every day, and basically became a dog. Mom was crazy when I got home with dirty clothes, but she could not say anything when she saw how happy I was to spend time with the dogs.
Since then I have helped Pia both when she goes away and when we visit the exhibition rings. Everything I learned about the Labrador, she has taught me, and I will be her forever grateful.

The next year my mother passed away. Pia said the same day that I could take home my favorite dog Olga. She was Winnie Ball Room mother of CH Winnie Head Set and CH Winnie Barbeque.

We went there and took her and it was impossible to take us apart from that day. She helped me so much in my grief.

Olga was my lapdog, exactly what I needed then, and together we stayed with my oldest sister's family.

Eva Gustafsson, me and Pia showing Guideline puppies at the club show in Rottneros 2002-07-07.

Showing breeders group at SSRK Tammsvik 2002-08-24.

Here I am with some of the stars of Winnie, Stora Åsbo in Månkarbo.

The yellow girl is CH Winnie Head Set after Olga.

Pat Collom visited Winnies in Sweden, here with Ch Winneis Barbeque, in the background sister Winnies Bouquet (2 CC), both after Olga who lived with me.

Years went and 2001, I took home the next dog from Pia, Winnie Out Look "Lotta".
Right then I also took the dog training class for one year at HundensHus in Sweden for the puppy and everyday obedience. Later, me and Lotta also took the competition obedience and retriever fetching course. Lotta is an incredibly beautiful dog that was very easily trained.

I still have a dog course now and then. The plan is also to include that when you buy a puppy from me in the future :)

2001 was also the year when I first visited the Windrose kennel in the USA.
Pat Collom became friends with Pia the same year as me and we had met at the home of Pia a few years back. But now, I was invited to stay with Pat & Ed in 3 months to learn English and help at the kennel. There dogs originated from Winnies lines. Since then I have visited the kennel in California over a year, spread out in all seasons. We have been in exhibitions and run on puppy litters. And I imagine that I will spend many happy days there in the future too! Pat knows alot about breeding and will have to guide me throug it all!

Here I show AmCh Winnie Trofé äg Wendy Knox.

Me and Pat Collom shows two Windrose brothers on exhibition in usa after BISS Ch Winnie Cutting Corners WC and CH Hyspire Slim Shady.

At the end of 2008, I got my first own dog Windrose Four Leaf Clover from USA. Clover will be the starting bitch for my own kennel with the name Windleaf that I reg in 2011 ( Shakermakers, which I registered in 2001, was never my favorit name). Windleaf is a mix of Windrose and Winnies and Clovers ped namn "four leaf clover". Im very happy with it!!!

Clover has Swedish, American and English lines. Here is Pat with Clover as a puppy. But then I didn't know that this cutie dog would be mine!

Me and a Windrose gang, some of Pat & Ed's fine yellow AMCH (all three) labs in November 2008.

"Smilla" Annual's The Power of Love
Winter 2008, Clover, and my sister's dog Smilla and in Drottninholm. I live in Åkersberga now, and my email is

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