onsdag 14 mars 2007

Annual's The Power of Love "Smilla"

Smilla was 5th best bitch with CK at the show in Södertälje 22/8-09.
Her first show as a grown up. Jessica was very happy!

Smilla snart 3år

Smilla 2 år

Min kära systers hund, som ibland bor hos mig me. Vi bor grannar.

Smilla 4 månader

Annual's The Power of Love "Smilla" 7månader, på utställning 3a bästa valp.

Och nu: Smilla 14månader Stamtavla

2 kommentarer:

sjaak sa...

what a nice blogg Emma,very nice pictures,well done,


Emma, Sweden sa...

thank you Sjaak!!
nice to here you like them,
hope you all are feeling well,